We usually get a lot of questions from our clients about our services and what sort of problems we address. We usually answer these questions directly either via email, phone call or personal representative.

However, for the sake the convenience, we have created this FAQ page to address some of the most common questions that we receive from our customers, and at the same time, to provide them with a better idea of how we conduct our services.


1. What is Damp and Water Proofing?

Damp and water proofing are procedures that render your home, its walls, its basements and crawlspaces safe from moisture. This process matters because water and dampness can cause damage to a structure, particularly when the water accumulates into certain areas.

Plastered plinths are one good example of things which are vulnerable to moisture and water. Water and damp proofing techniques can prevent such problems from getting worse.


2. Why Do They Matter?

Water proofing and damp proofing will protect your home from moisture and water related damages, thus preserving its integrity and property value.


3. Where are you based?

We are based in Honeydew Roodepoort JHB.


4. Do you do so and so area?

We do all areas within JHB and into Centurion.


5. What methods do we use for damp proofing?

We use a chemical injection system.


6. Do we waterproof roofs?

Yes we do, we use acrylic membrane systems.


7. How much does it cost to repair damp?

The cost will depend on the extent of damp damage occurring.


8. Should I use a special type of paint after?

Yes PVA would be best.


9. When can I repaint?

6 weeks later


10. What is a damp proof course?

An impervious membrane usually plastic sheeting separating the damp plinth from upper freestanding house walls.


11. Why has my damp proof course failed?

The malthoid has become old and perished.


12. What is your guarantee?

Our guarantees are for 5 years.


13. How long is a quotation valid for?

A quotation is valid for 30days.


14. Is an enitial survey free?

Up to 50km from where we are based.


15. Can I stay on the property while the work is carried out?



16. How long will the job take?

Depends on the size of work carried out.


17. Prior to work commencing what do I need to do or get?

You need to clear the area, cover furniture and remove valuables, we laso put a protective plastic sheeting.


18. Are your supervisors on site with workers?

Yes all the time, overseeing work carried out.


19. Do you have referrals?

Yes dating back to early 80’s.


20. Do you remove rubble?



21. Do you belong to a professional waterproofing or damp proofing association?

Yes master builders and the damp proofing association of SA.

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