Waterproofing is needed when external sources of water, such as rain water ingress penetrates a given structure and therefore needs to be halted by a barrier. 

In order to treat this water ingress, acrylic and latex waterproofing membranes and liquids are used. 


1. LastiFlex Acrylic Membrane

Lastiflex Acrylic membrane is a high quality waterproof solution that is used to waterproof leaking balconies, small roof areas, parapets and repair damaged flashing. 

This membrane is highly effective and easily applied with a rapidly drying advantage. Once applied, it can withstand permanent submersion in water, is UV and degradation resistant and can bon to metal and mosonry surfaces. 


2. Seloflex G3 Membrane

Seloflex G3 membrane is another acrylic water proofing solution designed to combat severe leakage problems occuring on flat roofs and parapets.

This membrane system is successfully applied to any vertical surface withour fear of slumping or disbanding, and has specifically designed to resist rehydration where severe ponding occurs. 


3. Flexseal 

Flexseal is a multi purpose waterproofing liquid that is mixed with cement to create a waterproofing slurry and is used in conjunction with a membrane. 

Flexseal is used in the sealing of balconies, flower boxers, showers, resevoirs and ponds, and it is waterlight once mixed. Flexseal is easliy applied by a brush and is extremely durable and flexible. 

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