Land/Marshed draining is needed where ground water is saturating structures below ground level such as the basement, house foundation or plinth.  


1. Aquadrain

An Aqua drain is installed where ground water enters a cellar or basement below ground level or saturates a house foundation or plinth. 


Process of Installing an Aquadrain



1. Lift Paving or remove grass sods.

2. Excavate along wall down to foundation to expose foundation.

3. Strip and clean brickwork of exposed wall.

4. Locate existing DPC and “v” cut to expose, drill and inject if necessary to renww DPC.

5. Waterproof tank (Seal) exposed brick work, top of foundation up to min. 200mm above existing ground level.

6. Waterproof plaster coat over. (Tanking)

7. Allow to dry and tank again. 

8. Install Aquadrain at base of trench, outlet at lower end, pipe out if constant flow. 

9. Backfill, compact and re-surface. 



1. Remove Skirting

2. Strip off damaged plaster back to brick.

3. Drill and inject if necessary, ie If there is no DPC.

4. Waterproof re-plaster using a salt retardant chemical in new plaster. 


– View Diagram D For Land Drainage (Diagram D)

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